Monday, October 12, 2015

Start your own doodling workshop from home

base card on blog
The Base Chakra with six soul qualities of light

So far I've managed to re-draw two card designs from my Language of Light workbook. The first Base Chakra card example with the six universal Soul quality symbols and the blank line drawing inside the card. I will follow my own workbook but without the self-help doodling formats over the weeks to come.

It has always been my intent to share information of the Language of Light with others by creating online workshop tools and templates to accompany my workbook that is published as the Language of Light workbook.
As you can see on my video I gave this workshop for many years, and in 2003 the research resulting from these mind-drawing classes was published in the workbook.

Last week Zazzle inspired me to start preparing color-in and doodle templates in the form of cards and onto clip boards, dry erase boards and letterheads.
If a participant has the Language of Light workbook next to them they could use my blank line-drawings from the Zazzle products and follow the instructions from my 8 week course classes, without drawing into the workbook. This workbook is also available as a PDF download.

To have a peek into the workbook click here:

The workbook has all the interpretations about symbolic drawings and what they reveal to the artist. Everybody is an artist when it comes to doodling.
What is so great is that Zazzle allows live hyperlinks in the descriptions of each product to do with the language of light. These live links will take visitors to my blog where more detailed information is published.
What is truly a bonus are the many products on Zazzle that are already decorated with the Base Chakra and the universal symbol of forgiveness.
Join my doodle workshop with Zazzle

Thanks for reading my post.
Nadine May

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Abstract Aimee radio show

'Program Planet Earth' is a cosmic plot! Whether it is real or fiction depends on the reader's perception. All words or phrases like numbers and letters are energy pocket codes that affect our DNA... 

Conversation with Nadine May - Blog Talk Radio on the Gold Ring (1-4)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Dr Joe Dispenza - How to evolve our brain to experiment a new reality? S...

 This is one of the best interview on the proof that what we can image we can make REAL!

Thursday, July 18, 2013