Program Planet Earth'

PE lecture in 2010

'Program Planet Earth' is a cosmic plot! Whether it is real or fiction depends on the reader's perception. All words or phrases like numbers and letters are energy pocket codes that affect our DNA, our manifestations and therefore our overall attractor field. If we combine words and ideas that can point the way by becoming stepping stones to truth our biological cellular consciousness will evolve while we explore a physical reality.
The Human DNA code is built upon energy pathways of creative Intelligence. ... From Genetic science to spirituality its our emotional chemistry that affects our consciousness. Each thought we think creates an electro-magnetic (light and sound) signature of a frequency ... and, like all Symbols and sound Tones, our languages directly affect the physical reality we find ourselves in.
Thanks to all my network friends for their animations and images that have inspired me over the years. Most of the Graphical content consists of self-created images and images found all over the Web that had no copy right logo on them. Those I altered to suit my PowerPoint.

I know that pictures often say more than words, so when I prepared my local slide show for my talk about the Language of Light and how it affects on our DNA in Port Elizabeth, I needed to find visuals and backup references to support my claim. The information in this video is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute professional advice. I created my PowerPoint that was later formatted for youtube for the people who missed my talk.